Current Openings


Knowledge and skills

A Pre-primary teacher must possess good communication skills, computer literacy and also be able can handle children below 5 years of age. She should have a passion to teach, love and care for children and have a pleasing personality and be adaptable, creative and patient


The teacher should be able to create a learning environment, which uses all the developmentally appropriate practices and pedagogical strategies, so that children in Early Years build on their natural tendency to learn and evolve into self-motivated learners. It includes being a facilitator, and an individual who sets up the requisite systems so that the children can work autonomously. A teacher should focus on the joy of learning, rather than covering a prescribed number of chapters or concepts.

  • At least 2 years of relevant teaching experience
  • Graduate in any stream.
  • B.Ed / Nursery teachers training


Knowledge and Skills

A Primary teacher must possess good communication skills, computer literacy and also be able can handle children below 5 years of age. Teachers should have a good working knowledge of the developmental stages of a child — the age-appropriate cerebral, physical, social, and emotional growth at the various age levels. They should possess the domain ability relevant to the subjects they will be teaching.

They need to also have an understanding of the socio-cultural values, strengths, and challenges of their students. Keeping this in mind, it is essential to choose the kind of knowledge and skills that are age appropriate


Teachers need to understand — and continuously change — the roles they play during the learning process. They need to switch between learner, audience, instructor, guide, facilitator, and mentor; to balance the need to build rigorous understanding of concepts, structured practice, along with independent exploration of concepts.

  • At least 2 years of relevant teaching experience
  • Graduate with the subject (either Honours or with a subsidiary level)
  • A recognised Degree in Education


Knowledge and Skills

A dance teacher must have a strong background in the performing arts, including experience in classical or modern dance. S/he has to be able to present and follow choreography. S/he must be able to relate to younger dancers and be willing to listen to dancers' feedback.


The teacher will enable students to appreciate dance as an art form; and develop a sense of rhythm and beat through dance movements. S/he will ensure that dance is explored as a medium to stretch one’s physical capacity and imaginative faculties. S/he will showcase to the students local and national traditional dances, as well as other popular dances from across the world. S/he will help the students to develop aesthetic sensibility, alongside techniques, such as types of footwork, body movement, and expression used in these dances.

  • Matriculation or equivalent examination.
  • Two years’ experience in recognised Ballet Troupe as a performing artist.
  • Two years’ experience in Dance work with children in a recognised Dance School.



Knowledge and Skills

The Drama teacher must have the knowledge of the elements of stagecraft, stage makeup, costume craft, play writing, or play direction. The teacher must demonstrate vocal and body expression to teach acting styles, character development, and personality projection.


The Teacher will develop an understanding of drama as an art form, and as a tool for expression and communication. S/he will enable students to draw inspiration from a variety of sources, including nature, school community, literature, personal experiences, and historical and current events to write scripts and create performances. S/he would also be responsible for encouraging students to engage in creating, performing, and critiquing dramatic work. S/he will make sure that the students learn and appreciate the traditional practices related to drama, and other region-specific drama traditions.

  • At least 2 years of relevant teaching experience
  • The minimum education requirement for a career as a drama teacher is the completion of a 4-year degree program at a college or university. Bachelor's degree in theatre arts education or drama education


Knowledge and Skills
  • Knowledge of the Curriculum and of teaching and learning programmes in the school
  • Experience in Inquiry Learning actively supported by the school library
  • Knowledge of learning resources – print and electronic
  • Knowledge and experience of library management and systems
  • Experience of collaboration with ICT and teaching staff
  • Staff management experience
  • Love of literature
  • Willingness to keep up-to-date with information technology and library trends

The librarian has to plan and manage the development of the school library in consultation with the Principal and teaching staff. S/he must prepare the annual library budget proposal and Identify high quality resources including e resources, which meets the reading & information needs of the users (students & teachers). S/he would be responsible for circulation of library resources and ensure that all the library books are allocated Accession Numbers, Book numbers and Call numbers. S/he also has to manage & monitor the library budget in accordance with the school practice. S/he also ensures that the school library resources are in compliance with the norms issued by the Department of Education, & CBSE, Delhi.

  • 2 years of relevant experience
  • Graduate with diploma in Library Science from a recognized institution
  • Matriculation or equivalent with Certificate in Library Science from recognized Institute.


Knowledge and Skills

The Visual Art teacher must have an awareness of varied art forms and styles, the ability to use different media in art, along with the knowledge of which of these forms, styles and media are appropriate at different age levels.

  • The Art teacher will develop and implement an art programme that exposes students to these varied art forms, styles and media without making them copy, reproduce or colour within the lines. The programme designed by the Art teacher will therefore enable children to explore and work with a wide range of media and materials, tools, techniques, colour, design, texture, form and function.
  • The art teacher ensures that children have freedom of expression to create original art using their imagination and encourages every child to find a “unique voice”. S/he has to enable the students to develop an understanding of beauty and aesthetics through art.
  • The Art teacher must collaborate closely with other subject teachers to develop themes for the students to explore, that are relevant to their lives and current.

At least 2 years of relevant teaching experience

  • Master’s degree in Fine Art (with Painting Specialisation)
  • Higher Secondary/intermediate/ Sr. Sec. School learning areas.
  • Graduate with Fine Art/Art/Drawing and Painting as one of the subjects with
  • Minimum 4 years Diploma from a recognised Institute /University.


Knowledge and skills

The Physical Education teacher must be committed to personal health and physical fitness, enjoy working with the children and have good communication skills. S/he should have reasonable skills in a wide range of physical activities and sports and a high level of organizational and planning ability.


The Physical Education teacher will inculcate healthy life practices and habits in students. S/he will develop an understanding of concepts of movement, development of gross motor skills as well skills related to individual sports. The teacher has to develop an interest and expertise in at least one sport ¬¬-or physical activity for lifelong practice. S/he will also develop in the students’ team spirit, sportsmanship and fair play. The teacher will integrate physical education with other academic areas such as mathematics, languages, and social studies, Art and Design and Music.


At least 2 years of relevant teaching experience

  • PGT-Physical Education
  • MP. Ed (Master of Physical Education)
  • Two years Degree Course from a recognised University
  • TGT-Physical Education
  • BP. Ed. (Bachelor of Physical Education), Or B.Sc.-Physical Education, Health and Sports + One year BP. Ed. Diploma


Knowledge and Skills

Music literacy requires both skill and knowledge. Skill allows a musician to perform with facility, while knowledge makes it possible to perform with insight. The music teacher must be able to:

  • Internalize basic rhythms and pulse
  • Work creatively-improvise, compose, harmonize and play by ear
  • Understand basic elements of theory, form harmony, etc.
  • Conceptualize and transfer musical ideas
  • Work independently and to problem-solve
  • Perform individually and with all the students in a variety of settings

The Music teacher will enable students to develop a lifelong appreciation for music, as well as an ability to create and perform it. S/he will enable them to develop musical literacy through singing, playing, creating, and listening actively; and will engage in music for enjoyment, self-expression, and personal satisfaction. S/he will empower the children to explore traditional forms of musical instruments; and learn regional classical music. S/he will also introduce the students to other international musical instruments, including guitar, piano, drums, etc.

  • At least 2 years of relevant teaching experience
  • Music (Vocal and Instrumental)
  • Graduate in/with Music from a recognised University or Higher Sec./ Senior
  • Secondary with anyone of the following:
    • Sangeet Visharad Examination of the Gandharva Mahavidyalaya Mandal, Bombay.
    • Sangeet Vid.Examination of the Indira Kala Sangeet Viswa vidyalaya, Khairgarh (M.P)
    • Sangeet Prabhakar Examination of the Prayag Sangeet Samiti, (Academy of Music) Allahabad.
    • Sangeet Visharad Examination of Bhatkhande Sangeet Vidyapeeth, Lucknow (Previously Marris College of Hindustani Music, Lucknow)
    • Final Examination of the Madhava Sangeet Mahavidyalaya, Lashkar




  • Keeps a log of all daily call reports.
  • Maintains networks at school.
  • Troubleshoots and solves network problems.
  • Installs and configures PC workstations and laptops at school.
  • Installs and maintains software on servers and local workstations.
  • Maintains wireless access to all mobile technology.
  • Installs, configures and maintains computer peripheral equipment such as scanners, printers, projectors, visualizer, etc.
  • Checks and re-fits printer toner and cartridges, and carry out periodic printer maintenance such as alignment.
  • Documents network configuration and hardware and software inventories.
  • Carries out routine network and maintenance tasks, diagnoses hardware problems and arrange for service providers.
  • Works with hardware and software technical support resources when outside expertise is required.
  • Designs and implements backup procedures for server and workstations.
  • Implements and maintains network security and virus protection on building LANs
  • Recommends necessary hardware, software and training necessary to maintain or improve network performance.
  • Recommends plans for delivering technical support services to the school.
  • Provides training and support to staff as required.
  • Manages student and teacher User-IDs.
  • Work with pupils on aspects of the delivery of the ICT curriculum under the direction of the class teacher.
  • Provides classroom support for operation of computers, peripherals and software across the network.
  • Maintains and updates school website.
  • Helps staff with maintaining the school’s social media presence.
  • Ensures timely set up of projection equipment for whole school events.