At Salvation Tree Day Care (A Salvation Tree Foundation initiative), we have built a magical world for your child and it’s all around little things of happiness –happiness of learning; exploring new things; gaining new experiences; and responding to physical, emotional and social needs. Thus, here we are, providing you with a child-friendly environment and high-quality day-care service. Further to bestow the gift of learning and education to your child, we have Salvation Tree School, a progressive school with a global outlook, running successfully in its vicinity.

Salvation Tree Day Care is not a day care center but a place of joy where every child, in a secure and safe environment, boards on a life-changing journey through a host of activities, events and new learning every single day.


We believe through STS Day Care Centre, the nuclear families, where both parents are working, can raise their children without compromising on their careers and at the same time ensuring the best nurturing environment. We believe that a winning personality is an awareness of one’s own inherent and unlimited potential, coupled with immense self-belief, high self-esteem and a strong inner power to face any situation boldly and win over it. At STS Day Care, we fully lay the foundation for a winning personality at the most impressionable age of the child. So, we welcome each kid and shower unconditional love and moral support to the little ones. We wean the kid away from fear, anxiety, worry, stress and other such emotionally draining mindsets, while replacing them with positive, happy and cheerful spirit.

We are firmly assertive about the values and disciplines we teach the young kids but coat it with love so that they understand its importance and happily follow it. We focus particularly on the discipline for studies balanced with other curriculum activities. We constantly strive for perfection and continually upgrade ourselves with the latest developments in this field.

To flourish the right environment of education, values and ideals for your little ones, Salvation Tree School, would help you in your journey, as your little one gets ready to step into the world!



We support and are committed to practice and protect the child rights laid down by the United Nations Convention that India ratified in 1992. Fundamental rights of children include, right to survival – (to life, health, nutrition, name, nationality), right to development – (to education, care, leisure, recreation, cultural activities), right to protection – (from exploitation, abuse, neglect), & right to participation – (to expression, information, thought, religion), with full right to achieve these dreams.

Therefore, our mission is to provide children with a nurturing & a safe environment, where the children can reach their full potential in all essential areas such as physical, emotional, social and intellectual.

  • To develop adroitness or concrete skills
  • To build up social skills
  • To develop language skills
  • To build up cognitive skills
  • To help children identify numbers from 1 to 10. To help them learn alphabet letters, shapes, colours, through hands-on activities. Also, they will learn through weekly thematic units including art projects, games, songs, poems & stories.
  • Children social skills through appropriate activities that teach them important lessons about self-care and environment care. Moreover, they will be learning to take turn and sharing.
  • Through circle time, songs, stories, daily activities and interaction with their playmates, children will learn to use language to express themselves creatively.
  • To encourage children’s cognitive development in the area of memory, concentration and perception through exercises such as sing-along, counting practice, playing with alphabet puzzles or alphabet reading books.
  • To prepare toddler to get ready for play school.