Bright, airy, and spacious, the layout of every classroom allows for both individual and collaborative learning. The furniture is ergonomically designed; and conforms to the highest standards, while ensuring their easy rearrangement for various in-class activities. Aesthetically pleasing colours, balance of natural light with artificial lighting, and presence of teaching aids (smart board, projector) make sure every classroom is optimally suited for learning.

Activity Room

Where imagination and inspiration meet stimulation, here children’s mental faculties work in tandem with physical activities. Through interactions, role-play, and various planned tasks, they — individually, as well as in groups — undergo spontaneous learning.

Sports Field

We have a designated sports field for organised team sports, like football, cricket, etc. A track surrounds the field. State-of-the-art equipment that meet all prescribed standards ensure our students have access to the best of facilities; and our trained instructors make sure each one of them is in safe hands.


Designated spaces for quiet reading, collaborative work, & research - all with ample natural light - make the library an extension of our classrooms. The extensive collection of reference material, picture books, fiction & non-fiction (both classics & contemporary) & digital content support the curriculum; & foster a life-long love of reading.

Visual Art Room

Large windows that allow observation of nature; tools that allow students to translate their thoughts into artwork; and adequate display space for them to put up their creations, this room brings to the fore the artist and painter in a child.

Performing Arts Room

Through music, dance, and theatre, children learn to respond to the beauty of form, movement, and sound; and develop their sense of articulation, creativity, and freedom of expression.

Jhoola Bari

Here children engage in free play under the constant supervision of a team of qualified teachers. Facilities like swings, slides, and various structures for climbing help develop balance and control in movement; while sand pits allow children to dig, shape, furrow, and experiment on outdoor creations.


A symbol of confidence and cultural expression, it also serves as an area where students and teachers meet up for discussions after class, or work on their projects.